November 2, 2005

Last night was Kali Puja (it takes place mainly at night). I was expecting wild drunken behavior, but except for the constant fireworks, it was one of the quietest nights in Calcutta that I can remember. No music, no cars, no dogs (they all must have been frightened). Of course, there were the constant fireworks....

Today we celebrated Sri Govardhan Puja in Dum Dum Park. There was some debate last night about whether to hold the festival today or tomorrow, but for various reasons today was settled on. It was beautiful to watch Srila Gurudev meditate on the matter.

The mood here on the veranda has been extremely sweet. Srila Gurudev seems very happy with the newly finished Temple-Memorial building in Vrindavan. Even though geographically we are far away, I think we all are feeling anticipation and the amazing auspiciousness of the events that will take place in Vrindavan tomorrow!

Another man from Turkey took initiation today. His name is Omkarananda Prabhu.

Last night Srila Gurudev affectionately agreed to try my latest 5pm-Daily Muri Mixture. It is muri, Braggs, cucumber, Haldirams Bhujia, ginger and flax oil. I don't think he liked it... <sigh>. It must have been the flax oil.

This morning he told me the story of how years ago when he took over care of the cow Shyamali in Nabadwip, she transformed from being a bit timid and hard-hearted into being very soft and giving... giving triple milk in fact! He said, "Actually affection and love, this is our religion. If we cannot give that, we cannot control our relations with anyone."

Some of these pictures are kind of alike, sorry about that. I just couldn't decide. 4:47pm


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